Main Purpose

CENACED is a non-profit, plural, autonomous and inclusive organization of the civil society, not having political or religious interests, and always ready to receive all those who wish to join its effort to improve the life conditions of vulnerable people, as well as fostering and strengthening a better culture of prevention, self-healthcare and self-protection in the event of disasters and epidemiological contingencies.

The “Unidos por ellos” (“Join for them”) Network has worked for more than fifteen years as a responsive model by facing declarations of emergency and its further epidemiologic contingencies, contributing with and coordinating the efforts of the main civil society organizations, companies, mass media, the financial sector and colleges to support the affected people. CENACED was born on 2012 by becoming an institution encouraging a model of proactive prevention, training for self-care and people support.


Participate with prevention actions and taking care of vulnerable people to ensure satisfaction of the minimum subsistence needs in case of disaster and its further epidemiologic contingencies.


To become one of the main options of our country to attend people of low economic resources, affected by catastrophes and its further epidemiological contingencies, by establishing strategic alliances tending to organize initiatives and actions of public, private, social and academic sectors.